Atlanta Abilities Expo Event

The 411 on Abilities Expo

Exhibitors Weigh In...

“Abilities Expo gave us the chance to meet lots of people with a broad range of abilities and disabilities. Such diversity. Such spectacular humanity. Abilities Expo was a wonderful experience and reminded me yet again just how fortunate we are to work in this field.”
arrow Invotek

“We couldn't have had a better launching of our company anywhere else, and more business success came out of it than even we expected.”
arrow P.S. Koveralls

“CWI Medical has been a participant and sponsor of the Abilities Expo for years, and we will continue to support this wonderful event. This year has been by far the best. The turn out was great!”
arrow CWI Medical

“The expo went very well, and we definitely got some quality leads for both the trike and pick-up truck.”
arrow Ride-Away

“Attending the Abilities Expo was a great opportunity as a manufacturer to talk directly to our customers and to meet the various dealers that operate alongside Showerbuddy LLC.”
arrow Showerbuddy Global Limited

“The number of leads and quality of leads that we gather at the Abilities Expos make the ROI well worth the expense.”
arrow Permobil, Inc.

The Abilities Expos provide the best return on investment as far as trade shows go in our industry, working face to face with our customers.
"The ROHO Group will continue to participate in Abilities Expos for years to come.”
arrow The ROHO Group, Inc. / Airhawk, Inc.

The attendance was fantastic and the mix of professionals, caregivers and people living every day with a disability was phenomenal.
"I made several great business connections and spoke with hundreds of people in our targeted market.”
arrow Scooter Mobility, Inc.

Two Cents from the Community…

We discovered wheelchair accessories to make our lives easier!
“We were quite pleased with the turnout of vendors for people of all disabilities. We especially like the new inventions brought in by guys who know firsthand what is needed for those in a chair. It takes a person with a disability to understand the meaning of ‘disability’."
arrowTrish N., Houston Abilities Expo

I saw my son walk hands-free for the first time with the help of a special walker!
“He had the biggest smile from ear to ear. He lifted up his knee and as soon as I saw that first step, I just started crying because I’d never seen that before. He kept saying, ‘I’m doing it, Mommy, I’m doing it. I’m walking! I’m strong!’”
arrowDesiree T., Los Angeles Abilities Expo

Everything I need is all in one place!
“Finally, a place where ALL the options can be presented, including options that I haven't even dreamed of! Even though the Internet has made the supply and demand path shorter, it's still hard to find just what you are looking for online.”
arrowReba D., New York Metro Abilities Expo

The highlights for my kids were the sporting events and other activities!
“They couldn’t get enough of it and we even had to visit the free wheelchair maintenance booth to get things tightened up! We also made contact with an adaptive sports program. The expo made my job as a parent of children with disabilities a lot easier.”
arrowHeather B., Houston Abilities Expo

I made lasting connections with people from across the country.
"I think my favorite part is networking with people, as that's how I can continue being a resource for others. The more I know, the more I can help others! Interacting with other professionals with different capabilities was inspiring to me as well!"
arrowAngie P., Chicago Abilities Expo

I learned so much from the free workshops.
"I was able to attend a workshop for travel and will share with the MS Self Help Group I attend and help facilitate. The workshop was great. It was hard for me to take enough notes!"
arrowGail W., Chicago Abilities Expo

I feel 20 years younger thanks to Abilities Expo.
“WOW! I never thought my arthritis would let me pick up a spoon again and I found a whole set of cutlery designed for people like me. There were all sorts of practical gadgets to make lives for seniors, like me, easier.”
arrowRobert S., Atlanta Abilities Expo




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