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ImpulseMarvel at the future possibilities of assistive technology prototypes. Appreciate the unique creations of prominent local artists. Take advantage of the low-cost daily living aides without breaking the bank. All under one roof!

Assistive Technology Pavilion
Artist Market
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Assistive Technology Pavilion: Experience the Future!
iPhoneThis 1200 square foot demonstration area will showcase the cutting-edge of assistive technology, hosting both commercially available and next-generation AT products that will revolutionize accessibility.

Don’t miss your chance to experience cutting-edge technologies, techniques and tips for improving the accessibility of your physical, technological and social environs. Products like a tongue drive system for wheelchairs, robots, auditory menus, the Accessible Aquarium, Drop Foot Stimulation and the Accessible Wii are just a few of the technologies highlighted.

This unique peek into the future of AT is made possible by the Shepherd Center, NeuroTech Network and Georgia Tech’s Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA), Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technology (Wireless RERC) and Aware Home Research Initiative.

Click here to see the pavilion floorplan.

The following products—many of which are still in development—will be on display.  Come, find out more and see first-hand how they will impact people of all ages with a wide range of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities.

Wireless RERC Shepherd Center Neurotech Network
CATEA Aware Home Research Initiative  

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA):

  • SciTrain/SciTrainU: These projects seek to provide teachers with the training and tools necessary to fully integrate students with disabilities into science, mathematics and computer science classrooms. SciTrain was initially aimed at high school classrooms, while the SciTrainU project, an outgrowth of the original research, has expanded coverage to a university setting.
  • GRADE: GRADE's mission is to improve the accessibility of distance education for students with disabilities nationwide by providing technical assistance, training and research.
  • This website provides access to vital information on AT devices and services as well as other community resources for people with disabilities and the general public.
  • ATWiki: A sister project to, the ATWiki allows for community involvement in the dissemination of assistive technology information. In traditional Wikipedia fashion, any registered user can create new articles, edit existing information and communicate with other users. This allows for a resource that is not based solely on information from developers, but also on user experiences and personal reviews.
  • Accessible Aquarium: Aquariums are more engaging and accessible for visitors with vision impairments when Accessible Aquarium provides a real-time interpretation of the exhibits. Using cameras and computers to identify and track various animals, researchers turn their behaviors into dynamic music and narratives. Come by to hear the fish and have an opportunity to participate in aquarium studies.
  • Accessible Wii: Now, there is a custom-designed Nintendo Wii interface for quadriplegic users.
  • Cushion Pressure Mapping: This progressive technology allows for the development of more comfortable and usable wheelchairs by mapping pressure points on seat cushions of various materials.
  • Wheelchair and Wheelchair Components

NeuroTech Network:

  • Implanted Electrode Technology: This experimental technology can actually be implanted in the body and, when used with external programmable control units, it can help provide function to paralyzed limbs.
  • Impulse: This EMG (Electromyography) sensing electrode senses tiny muscle contractions and wirelessly transmits the EMG signal to a computer using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Drop Foot Stimulation: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is being used to improve gait for people with drop foot syndrome by utilizing electrodes on the surface of the skin with a processor and a sensor for the bottom of the foot.

Shepherd Center Assistive Technology Department:

  • TDSTongue Drive System (TDS): A new assistive technology that enables people with high-level spinal cord injuries to maneuver a powered wheelchair or control a mouse-driven computer cursor using simple tongue movements.
  • Accessible Bluetooth headset options for people with manual limitations.
  • Accessible interfaces for iPod controls for people with manual limitations.

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technology (Wireless RERC):

  • Live Bar – Commercial Handset Interactive Demonstrations: Visitors will learn how to set and operate the accessibility features built into currently available cell phones, smart or otherwise. Staff will also demonstrate some smartphone applications that have accessibility uses.
  • Auditory Menus and Deaf911 Phone: Take in exciting demonstrations of experimental technology currently under development for people with visual and manual limitations (Auditory Menus) and hearing loss (Deaf911 Phone).

Aware Home Research Initiative:
These technology demos focus on helping senior citizens live healthier, more active lifestyles.

  • Healthcare Robotics Technology: People with ALS and others instruct these robots to retrieve and deliver objects using a laser pointer.
  • Smaller Service Bots: These robots execute specialized tasks.
  • Talk to the Hand: This unique, immersive tool assists in object recognition and improves the hand-eye coordination skills of the visually impaired.

The Assistive Technology Pavilion will take leading-edge technologies out of the lab and put them on display for the general public. Stay tuned for more information on these and other AT products.

Artist Market: Experience the Creativity!


Sponsored by VSAarts of Georgia, the Artist Market features original creations from the area's most-celebrated artists with disabilities including:

- Rosealley Glass with her stained glass creations
- Jerome Lawrence with his beautiful fine arts
- Paula Buford with her exquisite jewelry
- Marquetta Bell Johnson with her original quilts, hand-dyed fabrics and collectibles

These artists will not only display and sell their finished artworks, they will also showcase their amazing talents in their own individual booths.

The VSAarts of Georgia is a nonprofit arts organization with a thirty-five-year history of service to more than 160,000 Georgians with disabilities and low income each year. In keeping with the vision of a world in which the arts are accessible to all, VSAarts will also feature the work of its premier roster artists (with and without disabilities).

- Bill Whitlock – Mixed media
- Carl Rapp – Rapp stained glass
- MaryLee Maury – Maury stained glass
- Eleanor Brownfield – Textile art
- Manami Lingerfelt – Paintings, giclee prints and cards
- Sachiko Kogure – Origami
- Stephany Glassing – Paintings

Purchase a one-of-a kind gift from this eclectic mix of unforgettable artistry. Proceeds from the sales benefit the participating artists and VSAarts of Georgia.

Retail Pavilion: Experience the Savings!
Treat yourself to hundreds of never-before-seen low-cost daily living aides. You’ll find apparel, aromatherapy and products that:

- Allow you to grasp items which would normally be out-of-reach
- Aide in personal hygiene (washing, shaving, toileting)
- Help with incontinence
- And much more!

These devices are simple, clever, affordable and might be the perfect thing for your needs!


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