Atlanta Abilities Expo Event

Artist Market: Experience the creativity

Thanks to VSA Arts of Georgia—our Artist Market sponsor—the area's most celebrated artists with disabilities will feature an eclectic mix of original, unforgettable artistry. From hand-dyed fabrics and pottery to jewelry and apparel, their amazing works will be available for appreciation and purchase.

The VSAarts of Georgia is a nonprofit arts organization with a thirty-five-year history of service to more than 160,000 Georgians with disabilities and low income each year. Its vision is a world in which the arts are accessible to all.

When you purchase a one-of-a kind gift from the Abilities Expo Artist Market, the proceeds from the sales will benefit the participating artists and VSAarts of Georgia.

Eleanor Brownfield (Fiber work)

David Cannon (Painting)

David Cannon David Cannon

Ironhawk Forge -- Michael Labbe-Webb, Master Blacksmith (Metal work)

Ironhawk Forge Ironwork Art

An internationally collected artist in Traditional & Artistic Blacksmithing and Multimedia art, Michael has been blacksmithing for over 30 years and was the former Master Blacksmith at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia.

Now Michael has opened a new storefront in Stone Mountain Village and is now blowing glass as well as hammering iron. With a new gallery and studio in one place you can now visit Michael and watch him work from 11 to 7 Wednesday through Saturday at 951 Main Street, Studio B, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

Michael also works in multimedia, antler, bone, horn and shell, does extensive research into the arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and has, on occasion, written music and lyrics. You can email him at

Sarah Hatch (Painting)

Sarah Hatch Sarah Hatch Artwork

My work is intuitive and with this, a sense of timelessness is achieved. The images evolve from brushstrokes, marks, or even shadows on the paper, canvas or wood. Most often, I work on etching paper—primed and then prepared with the random patterns. I then turn the paper each way, until I “see” the forms show through. When I find the strongest imagery, I trace it and begin the careful application of paint, pastel or compatible media. In this way, the subject matter is fresh and original, and my creative techniques make it come alive.

Studio LeBrun – Sandra and David LeBrun (Jewelry, pottery, clothing)

Studio LeBrun piece

Studio LeBrun is the umbrella for a number of different artistic ventures by Sandra and David LeBrun including jewelry, pottery and the “Morph Me” custom line of clothing and accessories. You’ll love the elegant, affordable jewelry made with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls. The colorful busts, bowls, mirrors, mugs, pins, in folk art style will accent any room. And don’t miss the opportunity to deck yourself out with “Morph Me” scarves, t-shirts, slouch bags and wheelchair bags made with recycled and felted materials.

Sandra is self-taught and finds pottery to be healing and therapeutic. She relishes the entire process or working with clay, from playing with it, to shaping it, to drying it to glazing it. “It is all a continuous meditation then the object takes over and tells you when it's done,” she says. “Opening the kiln is like Christmas day.” Sandra also enjoys painting, knitting, jewelry, using mixed media and recycling old wool sweaters into beautiful scarves.

David, also self-taught, is a 52-year-old potter and painter. A folk-artist by nature, he is influenced and inspired by great works of art that filter through his imagination. While his preference for art varies widely, he tends to concentrate a genre, for instance, Haitian art for a period of time before moving on to Modern, Great Masterpieces and many others. He has a keen imagination and sense of humor which he lends regularly to his craft and his choices of finishes are usually bold and colorful. “I want people to really love a piece when they buy it,” he said. “I want people to know that they have purchased a part of me that’s theirs, forever, and that it represents the best I have to offer.”

Bill Whitlock (Painting)

Bill Whitlock Painting

A 69-year-old, self-taught "Artist of Light," Bill Whitlock expresses the divine with color in Tissue Paper Collage and Watercolor and Ink. He sees his work as “an expression of thanks to the universe to be able to bring life to others through my art.” According to him, the only disability in life is the notion of "Can't."

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