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Ascend new heights on adaptive climbing wall

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Climbing wall is available all day, every day at Abilities Expo Atlanta

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The only way the words “barriers” and “limits” figure into of Mark Wellman’s vocabulary is if they are preceded by a “no.” And by the close of Abilities Expo, when person after person with disabilities have scaled his 25-foot adaptive climbing wall, you’ll find that Wellman’s inspiring lexicon is contagious.

Adaptive Climbing Wall

According to Wellman, expert mountaineer and wheelchair athlete, the key to the ascent is desire, not ability. Come equipped with that, and he’ll take it from there.

Wellman has developed innovative adaptive climbing techniques and sports gear adaptations which can be customized to each individual. As every disability presents it own unique challenges, he assess each person and determines how to configure an intricate system of harnesses and pulleys to get them out of their chair and climbing up the wall.

For attendees over the age of five with disabilities, Wellman feels that this extreme experience will be nothing short of magical. While designed to be perfectly safe, the climber, unencumbered by their usual mobility equipment, will feel exposed that far above the ground. That thrill will make reaching the summit even more triumphant.

The adaptive climbing wall will be available on a first-come, first-served basis during show hours.

About Mark Wellman
Wellman’s mountain climbing career began at the age of 12. His passion for this kind of adventure was so strong that not even the climbing accident that took his ability to walk could quench it. He went on to make history as the first paraplegic to conquer the sheer 3,000-foot face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. His triumph continued a few years later when he scaled Half Dome.

An adventure-seeking attitude has led Wellman to scale mountains all over the world, to work as a park ranger in Yosemite, to compete as a Paralympian skier, to author his autobiography (Climbing Back), and, finally, to bring his wealth of experience and unique outlook to his business, No Limits. Now you are just as likely to fine him inspiring and motivating corporate audiences as you are to find him leading climbing expeditions.

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