Atlanta Abilities Expo Event
Join Henry Winkler at the Understanding Upper Limb Spasticity Workshop

Sponsored by Allergan, Inc.

Saturday, October 16th: 1:30-2:30pm

Often described as uncomfortable muscle stiffness or tightness in the elbow, wrist or fingers, upper limb spasticity is a debilitating condition that impacts a person’s life and their ability to perform even simple, daily activities. Upper limb spasticity often goes under-recognized and under-diagnosed, because it can develop weeks, months or even years after the original injury – after discharge from the hospital or when patients are no longer seeing specialists familiar with and specifically trained to treat the condition. It’s important to have access to resources that can help you or your loved one recognize the symptoms of upper limb spasticity, understand why the condition occurs, and, importantly, how it’s diagnosed and managed.

To address the low awareness and under-diagnosis of upper limb spasticity, Allergan, Inc., has joined forces with Henry Winkler and a coalition of five national patient advocacy organizations, including National Stroke Association, Brain Injury Association of America, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, United Cerebral Palsy and United Spinal Association, to launch the “Open Arms: Raising Awareness of Upper Limb Spasticity” educational campaign.

 If you or someone you love may be affected by upper limb spasticity, we encourage you to attend the Understanding Upper Limb Spasticity workshop, sponsored by the “Open Arms: Raising Awareness of Upper Limb Spasticity” educational campaign.  The workshop will feature a leading expert physician, as well as special guest, famed actor and best-selling author, Henry Winkler, who will share his personal story about his mother’s struggle with upper limb spasticity.

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