Atlanta Abilities Expo Event
And they Danced...

Presented by Full Radius Dance
Saturday, October 16: 3:30 – 4:00 pm

Full Radius Dance is a modern dance company that presents mature, choreographically complex works celebrating technique and physicality. Although the company is one of only a handful of physically-integrated dance companies in the US, their focus is on skill and artistry and the fact that some of their exquisite dancer perform from wheelchairs is secondary.

Full Radius Dance

“Full Radius Dance explores, through modern dance, the sweep of the human experience in a world that contains a diversity of attitudes, actions and outcomes,” said Founder Douglas Scott. “We reflect this diversity through programs designed to involve broad sections of our community with a particular emphasis on persons with disabilities. By integrating these personal backgrounds, we examine, explore and reveal the essence of our shared humanity.”

Full Radius DanceScott established the company in 1990 as Dance Force, Inc. and, three years later, began working with dancers with disabilities. It became clear that, rather than a typical dance company, this was evolving into a means to revolutionize modern dance in Atlanta. Full Radius Dance emerged in 1998 when Dance Force joined forced with E=motion, another dance company.

Now, Full Radius Dance is renowned for creating, commissioning and performing amazing works that both challenge prevailing attitudes about disability and dance, and present innovative new movement possibilities.

But don’t get too comfortable in the audience. Dancing is a powerful tool that helps all people with both physical control and expression. The overall effect is one of power, beauty, encouragement and inspiration and is meant to be shared. Following the demo, performers will invite you to join in to learn some dance moves for yourself.

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