Atlanta Abilities Expo Event
Assistive Technology Showcase: Revolutionary new AT could change your world

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The Assistive Technology Pavilion will feature top-tier companies and organizations with the latest AT products for people of all ages with wide ranges of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with breakthrough technologies to determine if these products can improve your physical, technological and social environs.

This unique peek into the future is made possible by the Shepherd Center and the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) at Georgia Institute of Technology. The Shepherd Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital located right here in Atlanta which specializes in the cutting-edge treatment, care and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries and diseases. Also on the forefront of assistive technology, CATEA is an engineering and design research center dedicated to enhancing the health, activity and participation of health, activity and participation of people with functional limitations.

Service Bots

This assistive technology dream team is sponsoring the AT Pavilion Interactive Demo Lab and will bring a wide variety of advanced technologies for you to experience hands-on. Here are just some of the items that will be showcased:

You can look forward to a command performance form Dusty, a service bot which specializes in retrieving small, dropped objects. (See Dusty in action now) You’ll also get an inside look at other amazing robotic technologies still in development.

Service Bots

Tongue Drive System
This miracle of technology is nothing short of life-enhancing and allows individuals with severe mobility issues to operate a computer, control a powered wheelchair and interact with their environment with a simple flick of the tongue.

Tongue Drive

Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC)
Come and see accessibility related app downloads for smart phones. There will also be new, commercially available phones on display showcasing accessibility features and apps.

Advanced Auditrory Menus:
Check out the new interaction techniques--such as "spearcons", "spindex" and auditory scrollbars--in destop interfaces, mobile devices, in-vehicle interfaces and more!

Rehab Engineering and Applied Research Lab (REARLab)
Don’t miss state-of-the-art wheelchairs and information on the latest in adaptive gaming, the accessible Wii.

Accessible Aquarium
Geared for people with vision impairments, Accessible Aquarium uses cameras and computers to turn animal behaviors into dynamic music and provide a real-time interpretation of the exhibit.
A great resource for the community of people with disabilities, provides vital information on AT devices and services.

It’s AT info for the masses by the masses! Any user can create new articles or edit existing information on assistive technology devices.

SciTrain / SciTrainU
Designed for both the high school and university level, these projects fully integrate students with disabilities into science, math and computer classrooms.

Second Life
There’s more astounding technology on the horizon! Find out about an upcoming virtual environment/Second Life project through the National Science Foundation.

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