• Abilities Expo
    There's a big difference between "disability" and "disabled."
    Abilities Expo adaptive sports program opens new doors for people with disabilities.
  • Abilities Expo
    We want your little ones to have the best, too!
    From pediatric-focused workshops and products to adaptive activities, the Expo is fun for kids!
  • Abilities Expo
    Once a dancer, always a dancer
    Experience the rejuvenating power of adaptive dance! Just what the Expo ordered for body and spirit.
  • Abilities Expo
    The smile says, "Now I can do it, too!"
    People of all ages and abilities discover how to overcome and thrive.
  • Abilities Expo
    Better living through technology
    The products and services you find at Abilities Expo today can change your life tomorrow!
  • Abilities Expo
    Somehow they just understand each other.
    Could assistance animals be your key to greater autonomy?
  • Abilities Expo
    "Limits" just aren’t part of our vocabulary.
    Abilities Expo is the quintessential celebration of what you can do!

Inspirational, Unforgettable
and Coming Your Way.

Abilities Expo is about bringing necessary products and services together under one roof for the community of people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors and healthcare professionals. It's about introducing opportunities that can enrich your life…especially ones that you never knew were out there.

Now in six cities across the nation, each Abilities Expo offers three days of access to the latest technologies and resources for ALL disabilities, informative workshops on issues that most resonate with the Community and fun activities like adaptive sports, dance, assistive animal demos and more. Come to the Expo! We can't wait to show you the new things you can do!

See this news video from the 2014 Bay Area Abilities Expo:

What’s in Store for You at Abilities Expo

Game-changing tech will help you redefine possible

It wasn't all that long ago that bionic exoskeletons and eye-gaze technologies were the stuff of science fiction. Now it’s reality and just some of the leading-edge products at Abilities Expo!

Dance like nobody's watching

Every Abilities Expo is your chance to learn hot new dance moves that promote fitness. It could be hip hop, ballroom, Latin, Zumba, ballet or line dancing, but it’s always inclusive and it’s always fun!

Animals have a way of finding the people that need them

Greater independence and wellness is just a friendly wet nose away for many people with disabilities. Find out how assistance animals support their human partners.

Latest News and Stories

Traversing the Sierra Nevadas

September 30, 2014

Veteran outdoorsman Bob "4-Wheel Bob" Coomber attempts to traverse the Sierra Nevadas via Kearsarge Pass in a wheelchair.

Product Spotlight: Talkitt

September 30, 2014

New tech alert! Talkitt, created by Voiceitt, can translate unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech.

The ADA: I (Don't) Care

September 28, 2014

Kathryn Carroll didn't used to think much about the ADA. But life happened, her experiences widened and she came to understand how pivotal this legislation was to her as a woman with a disability. This enhanced world view became the inspiration for her award-winning poem, I (Don't) Care.

Deaf Baby Hears

September 27, 2014

Adorable 7-week-old Lachlan's expression is a touching mixture of wonder and joy when he hears his parents' voices for the first time.

Has the Disability Community Been Kanyed?

September 27, 2014

Has the disability community been Kanyed? Left feeling like a Taylor Swift at the VMAs? Rap icon Kanye West's embarrassing gaffe with a wheelchair user in Australia, as well as his subsequent insistence that it was all just a big misunderstanding, are still making the media rounds. But what are leaders and activists from the community of people with disabilities saying?

Vintage typewriter Art: One Keystroke at a Time

September 27, 2014

A closer look at Mona Lisa's smile reveals something amazing. Artist Paul Smith achieved the Renaissance diva's amused visage using…parenthesis? Dashes? On a typewriter!?! His severe cerebral palsy was no match for his artistry and social media fanatics everywhere should be truly humbled by what he could do with a hashtag.

End the Awkward

Updated September 22, 2014

Social situations with the potential for extreme awkwardness and embarrassment. Quick-wit. Deadpan delivery. These commercials combine so much of what we love about British humor in 52 short seconds.

Product Spotlight: Fresh Comfort

Updated September 22, 2014

Maria Valencia had just about had it with "unmentionables." In fact, when her own mother was having difficulties with mobility, she felt as though she had a great deal to "mention" about her futile search for comfortable, easy-to-dress undergarments.

Archie Comics Newest Diva Rolls onto the Scene

Updated September 22, 2014

It's okay if your first thought was…Archie Comics is still around? But now that you've gotten over that initial shock, yes it's true. The Mayberry of the Funnies has just welcomed a new character on wheels, their first with a disability.

Roll with the Wind

Updated September 22, 2014

It was a good day for United States Marine Corps Major Kim "Rooster" Rossiter when he realized that just because an individual could not physically propel their own bodies from the starting line to the finish line, it didn't mean that that they could not compete.

Fashion Icons Blaze Overdue Trail to Inclusion

Updated September 22, 2014

For years, the fashion world has thought itself inclusive. Whether you are flipping through an issue of Vogue or the JC Penney catalog, the individuals featured are reminiscent of a Benneton ad. But do multi-ethnic models equal inclusion?

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